„And life blends with the dream, because this troupe is capable of kidnapping us, into a world that Buster Keaton, Fellini and Baz Luhrmann could have come up with together, but here a woman has directed: Anna Gattiker. The ensemble not only manages to amaze and amuse us, but rather, in this variety show emotions that enchant souls and hearts.

Christian Platz for Basler Zeitung

And to the journalist, just as slowly: „Do not write crap in the paper, that’s great art.“

Thomas Leuenberger, Comedian

That was so nice last night with your troupe. The dramaturgy with the poetic images that you have built was stunning. The versatility and quality was unique.
Best of the best!
Great class!»

Daniel König, Red Snapper Events

«… enchanted us all in every show. The director Anna Gattiker deserves our special thanks, because she created from many puzzle pieces a new entirety and galactic dimension with comedy, dance, artistry, music and a special, weird flair with perfect timing. Thank you to the whole team for your professionalism, your creativity and your unconditional dedication to the game of bafflement and jugglery.»

Hape Köhli, Manna Kulturmanagement

«Your show is a burst of talented charm. Voices, instruments, movements become one, melt into each other at a pace that never overwhelms, but never does the opposite.
You are right when you regret the limited freedom and at the same time address the greatest of freedoms: the dreams»

Martina Rutschmann für Tageswoche

«The almost 400 guests from all over the world were completely thrilled, and so, thanks to you, a normal dinner was an all-round successful event»

Richard Hartmann für Astra Tech

«We thank you for your great performance. With your beautiful and perfect staging you have enchanted our guests. The enthusiasm was great. »

x-act, Alexandra Elser für UBS Event

«We really enjoyed your ideas. They fit perfectly with the occasion, and I think our message has come across perfectly thanks to you.»

Bruno Aeschbach für EKZ Elektrizitätswerke Zürich


«I just wanted to say thank you again for everything!
This was a wonderful wonderful creation period and you are seriously the best director to work with! I am always looking forward to working with you! You have so much trust in us and are so organized it’s amazing! Thank you!
This is a really fun show and such a great team!
Looking forward to an amazing tour ahead of us and many good memories to come!»

Olivia Weinstein, USA, Clown / Acrobat